Show Off Your Stunning Smile in Johnson City, TN

Bring your whole family in for general dentistry services

One of the first things people notice about you is your glowing smile. Make a good first impression by arranging for general dentistry services from Johnson City Smiles. Our skilled dental team will clean your teeth and address any dental health issues. We recommend effective sealants for children to help prevent cavities. If we need to take X-rays, we'll use a state-of-the-art digital machine to take photos with minimum exposure to radiation.

Nervous about visiting the dentist? Don't worry-we can sedate you during treatment.

Call now to arrange for your bi-annual general dentistry service at our office in Johnson City, TN.

Keep your smile beautiful

Keep your smile beautiful

Your smile can light up a room. Keep it looking and feeling great with dental cleaning services from Johnson City Smiles.

A prophylaxis dental cleaning can:

  • Stop the progression of gingivitis and periodontal disease
  • Keep the oral cavity in good health
  • Prevent gum disease

In addition to preventive dental cleaning services, we provide residents of the Johnson City, TN area with dentures, partials, occlusal guards and teeth extractions as needed.

Contact us today to arrange for a no-obligation consultation.